Cocktail List

2 shots Currant Flavoured Vodka1 shot Blue Curacao

2 Dashes Lemon Juice

Lemon-Lime Soda


Garnished with a peel of Lemon

Blue Pearl £7
2 shots Vodka/Vanilla flavoured VodkaDash of lime juice

Ginger beer or ginger ale


Garnished with lime and sprig of mint.

Moscow Mule £7
2 shots GinLemon juice

Sugar Syrup

Elderflower Cordial


Soda water

Garnished with a slice of lemon1 slice of lemon

Lemon Blossom  £7


2 shots Vodka1 shot Blue Curacao

2 Dashes Lime Juice

Garnished with blue berries or a blackcurrant spliced on to the rim

Blue Bell £7
3 shots Bison Gras VodkaCloudy Apple Juice

Passion Fruit Syrup

Lemon Juice

1 Splash Peach Schnapps

Martina Rita  £8
2 shots Silver (clear) TequilaMelon Liqueur

Grapefruit Juice

Garnished with twirl of orange peel

Shady Lady £7

4 shots Citron VodkaWhite Cranberry Juice

1 shot Blue Curacao

Splash Lime Juice

Garnished with orange peel

Blue Cosmo  £8

3 shots Light Rum1 shotCognac

Pineapple Juice

Lemon Juice

Orange Juice

Splash Sugar Syrup

Garnished with a slice of orange

The AK Punch £7

1 shot PIMM’S No.1chilled lemonade

Some mint, cucumber, orange, strawberry.

Pimms Classic  £7

Champagne Cocktails
2 shots Sloe gin75ml champagne

Garnished with summer berries.

Sloe Gin Royale  £10

75ml Champagne2 shots Cognac

dash of Bitters

Sugar Cube

Garnished with half a slice of orange

Classic  £10